Bonus Episode: The Pop-Up Biz Industry Forecast & Report 2020 Q4

Pioneered by The Pop-Up Biz podcast Host, Susan Sandler, The Pop-Up Biz Industry Forecast is a seasonal update on what’s happening in the world of pop-ups and experiential marketing & retail. Susan offers insight on what she predicts designers, brands and retailers will need to do to be successful for direct to consumer sales in Q4 2020, as well as what they need to prepare for in 2021. Entrepreneur, pop-up creator, and PopUpSummer! Founder, Susan Sandler offers listeners an inside look at pop-up industry trends for the season ahead in her signature Pop-Up Industry Forecast.

Topics Covered On Season One, 2020 Q4 Include:

  • The Retail Revolution: How Did We Get Here?
  • Digital Integration: Streaming Media & Shoppable Video
  • Outlook: Brick & Mortar Retail

On this episode Susan reveals key research findings about the real changes in consumer shopping preferences and behavior, and makes an informed prediction about how they will interact with brands and shop both in-real life and on digital and blended platforms.

Susan Sandler has worked with hundreds of companies and brands during her career to reach thousands of customers in innovative ways.  She has an extensive background in marketing and communications, digital media & advertising, in both the agency world and as an entrepreneur, which set her up for success to innovate these alternative and experiential IRL /digital and hybrid business concepts. Through her pop-up company, PopUpSummer!, which launched in 2002, Susan and her team present designers and brands and their collections to new markets and audiences in curated and unique shopping experiences. The success of these individual and Collective pop-ups rely heavily on merchandising, storytelling, programming and marketing.

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