Welcome to The Pop-Up Biz!

Welcome to The Pop-Up Biz podcast, I’m your host, Susan Sandler. Together, we’ll discover the latest and greatest in experiential retail, marketing, and pop-ups including fashion, retail, restaurants, art, and entertainment. During each 30-45 minute episode of my seasonal series, I’ll be talking with the movers and shakers in the industry, including leaders from experiential agencies, retailers, tech companies, marketing firms, as well as the brand founders, influencers, and entrepreneurs who are making it happen every day.

You’re going to hear about:

  • ROI, new business models, creative strategy, the latest platforms and new technologies available that make pop-up sales and marketing great for brands.
  • New channels of distribution that are driving revenue, increasing brand awareness, achieving deeper levels of customer engagement and forging meaningful partnerships.
  • The Pop-Up World and its impact and potential on both established and digitally native brands.

The Pop-Up Biz podcast is meant for anyone interested in gaining insight and learning more about pop-up activations. My goal is to connect you on a deeper level to the thought leaders and activators in the space and inspire how you think about what you can do for your brand and how you might get there. On season one of The Pop-Up Biz podcast, we’ll be having conversations with some of the best people in the industry about what’s new, what’s working and what’s next.

About Me

During my career, I have worked with hundreds of companies and brands to reach thousands of customers in innovative ways.  My extensive background in marketing, communications, digital media and advertising, in both the agency world and as an entrepreneur, have set me up to innovate revenue generating alternative and experiential IRL /digital and hybrid business concepts. In 2002, I launched PopUpSummer!, a pop-up company focused on presenting emerging designers and brands and their collections to new markets and audiences, pioneering a new way for them to generate revenue and gain exposure. Through PopUpSummer!, we have developed successful activations and campaigns to bring brands to life and curate unique shopping experiences for consumers through merchandising, storytelling, programming and marketing.

Learn more about PopUpSummer! on our website and follow us on Instagram. Connect with Susan Sandler on LinkedIn or email susan@popupsummer.com.