4. Austin Johnson, Michelin Star Chef, On Ghost Kitchens, Pop-Up Restaurants, and Tasteful Brand Collaborations

Chef Austin Johnson is best known for his work as the Executive Chef at Frenchie in Paris, where he ran their three restaurants, wrote their cookbook and earned himself a Michelin Star. He also worked at 11 Madison Park and opened the NOMAD restaurant in NYC with Chef Daniel Humm, and cooked at NOMA in Copenhagen, among many other things. Austin and his team have produced a number of memorable and acclaimed restaurant collaborations with brands including Lexus/Intersect in NYC and Bergdorf-Goodman’s Parisian inspired Goodman Bar and Restaurant, where events are held with designers including The Row.

On today’s episode of The Pop-Up Biz podcast:

  • Austin and I dive into the world of experiential restaurants and pop-up brand collaborations
  • We talk about what happens when great brands are paired with great food and wine, and how they inspire one another and the customers who experience them
  • Austin gives us his take on the explosion of pop-up restaurants and ghost kitchens happening around the world, as well as a sneak preview of his biodynamic farm and new multi-level dining project in an iconic Tribeca space

Download our conversation, discover and hear from one of the most creative and recognized visionaries around the world.

Connect with Chef Austin Johnson on Instagram:
Now: Chef Austin Johnson,
Former: Executive chef @frenchieruedunil
Future: @onewhitestreet Tribeca, New York City
Farming: @rigorhillfarm

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