2. Ed Starr, Managing Partner at BMF, on the Future of Experiential Marketing

Ed Starr is a Managing Partner at BMF, a global integrated strategic and creative marketing agency representing some of the world’s best brands including Marriott, Dell, DKNY TikTok and more. He is responsible for some of the company’s most impactful activations. Ed is a master of the big picture and under his strategic direction and business development work, the BMF agency has seen a 25 fold company revenue increase and significant employee growth across global offices.

On this episode of The Pop-Up Biz podcast with Ed Starr:

  • We are talking about what the world of experiential marketing and retail looks like in the 4th quarter of 2020 and beyond.
  • We delve into the value of earned attention and customer engagement for brands, and the “Blend Phase” of brand experience which is using an array of content and digital platforms for hybrid events.
  • Ed and I discuss what makes a pop-up event successful and some of our pet peeves about what can make them fail.
  • Ed shares his perspective on what physical retail means now for brands and customers, and his prediction on the role of brand partnerships with influencers in the future.
  • We share thoughts on how we can all have more diversity and be more inclusive in our work.
  • Plus, Ed offers great advice for those of you heading toward a career in this exciting space.

Download our conversation, discover and learn from one of the best minds in the industry.

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