Monthly Archives: March 2021

Moving Fashion Forward with Terrence Charles, Hearst Media

Terrence Charles, Executive Director of Events and Brand Partnerships for Hearst magazines, fills us in on:

  • How to leverage the power of a media brand to shine a light on key cultural initiatives
  • The new technology platforms which are engaging readers in conversation and commerce and propelling legacy brands forward
  • Active Employee Resource Groups that foster understanding and help make space for diversity in the workplace

The Art and Hustle of Boutique Fitness

Andrea Fornarola, Founder/CEO of Elements, discusses her journey as an entrepreneur in the boutique fitness and wellness space, which began with pop-up classes in retail, studio, and office settings. A self-proclaimed hustler with an A list of private clients, we talk about her ascension into physical studios, live-streaming, and on-demand programming, including:

  • Incorporating fashion activewear, healthy food and beverage, and other brands into retail and pop-up sales events
  • Taking Elements Fitness on the road to an upscale hotel, spa, and other venues
  • Developing an in-studio video platform with Intelivideo to stream barre, dance and fitness classes to clients worldwide

Experiential Empathy

Jeff Snyder, Founder/CEO of Inspira Marketing, discusses his agency practice with purpose, including how to:

  • Use Ethnography to understand consumer mindsets better
  • Grow an internal culture that attracts positivity and elevates productivity
  • Support a mission-based business and work with the world’s greatest brands

Harmonic Retail

DeeAnn Campbell of Harbor Retail talks about the need for all retail channels to be familiar to customers between platforms. She describes how:

  • Websites need to work with the store flow and provide integration into pop-up design
  • Using modular and flexible displays made out of new sustainable materials can be quickly reconfigured for experiential retail needs
  • Success includes measuring the halo effect of brick & mortar retail on online sales and returned savings